New Hope for Guatemala
Scholarship student Mynor graduates!
We are SO PROUD of Mynor! He appreciates all the help that he has received over the years from so many of his friends abroad who have given, prayed and sacrificed so that he can have the opportunity to make a difference in his community and country. He – and we – are so very grateful! And there is more to do – there will be a new crop of scholarship students that will need our help in 2015! CLICK HERE!
Allow us to brag on some of our great kids - and share with you the occasional news item! Thanks for your faithful support of everything we do!
An inspiring young overcomer
She faced virtually every obstacle possible. But now, many years later, Fabiola has graduated and has her teaching certification as a Health & Physical Fitness instructor. For all who prayed for this extraordinary girl – for all who gave money toward their scholarships, we extend our deepest gratitude. CLICK HERE!
"Tengo mucha fe que esta organización va a salir adelante por la visión que tiene, y dentro de ella esta Dios."

(I have great faith that this organization will fulfill this great vision, because God is in it.)
         - Maricela Hernandez
One great kid!
You may remember Jonathan, who almost died from typhoid fever when he was 14. The Lord saved his life, pure and simple. "I remember well taking him, at death's door, to the hospital in my microbus," recalls Andrew. Jonathan needs a scholarship to attend vocational school in 2015. Will you help? CLICK HERE!
New Hope gets its own tax-exempt status
We are thrilled that the IRS has awarded New Hope for Guatemala full tax-exempt status. If you have been supporting Andrew Loveall through LACES, please update your information: Andrew Loveall, NEW HOPE FOR GUATEMALA, FNBNA, PO Box 367, Berryville AR 72616-0367
Welcome to a town meeting ...
In the indigenous community, nothing happens without TALKING and transparency. How can outsiders and foreigners really help the people in places like Guatemala if we don't pass real time with them - LISTENING to them, honoring them? It's the only way to work. We love it! We love them - our dear friends in El Tesoro. CLICK HERE!
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